Monday, April 26, 2010

For the love of junk

This past Saturday we went to an amazing digger estate sale. These are a few of our finds.

Growing up as a young girl my mom only had one roller skate. She would skate from one corner of the porch to the next over and over again. She also had a little red wagon with only three wheels. Now has her very own pair of roller skates!

Love, Love, Love, these issues of The Sunbeam. They are dated back to the early 1920's and have the cutest stories and illustrations!

Needlecraft Magazines... Love the pictures on theses too! I was lucky to find over 20 dated from 1917-1925.

I love reading about the happenings from long ago. I found envelopes full of ledger sheets, telegrams, sales tickets, hotel receipts and all sorts of purchase orders from The Goodman Store in Palmdale Ca. One of the purchase orders dated November 9th 1931 is for a 25# bag of sugar for $1.85 and 1 dozen cans of tomatoes for $2.25.


Southern Charm said...

Wow!! Are you going to sell some of those ledger papers?? Cuz...I'd love some!! Save some for your dear friend Shari, ok????

The Curious Brow said...

OHMIGOSH! Can't wait to see your Needlecraft mags at the Farm Chicks Show! And everything goodness!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

What finds!! I knew you'd get some cool junk!! Can't wait to see your booth full of treasure!