Monday, April 19, 2010

Signs of spring

I love spring! Everything so fresh and new and ALIVE! I don't know about you, but winter can sometimes be so boring after a while. Although I do love the change of seasons, by the end of winter I am soooo ready to have color back in my life. Heavenly Father has truly blessed us with all the beauty that surrounds us every day, yes even in those short gray days of winter there is beauty. But thank heaven for spring, it being one of my favorite times of the year. Oh, don't forget summer, that's the best of all.

This sweet little tree was a gift from my husband, the Wizard, for Mother's day last year. Forever and a day I had wanted a tree with pink blossoms and it almost took that long to get it. It is still rather small but it makes up for it in all the pink blossoms it worked so hard to produce. Thank you little pink tree. I really don't remember what kind of tree it is, I just know it is pink.

Soon to be lovely lilacs.

Oh my, pansies. Does anyone in their right mind not like pansies? They are so happy, you just have to smile back at them. They are so sweet and forgiving, especially if you forget to water them, oops, and they grow anywhere. I'm in love with pansies. When my youngest daughter was about three or four, she was helping me plant some pansies in our flower bed. She ask a question about the flowers and called them patunsies. So cute! Pansies....patunsies, same thing.

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