Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of our friends and family a Very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas tree... Oh Christmas tree...

So this years Christmas tree almost did not make it home. We went to a local Christmas tree stand, picked out he perfect tree, paid $30.00, had the guy tie it to the top of the car and off we went. Only one problem... we noticed the guy used a very thin cotton string to tie the tree to the top of the car. O.k. we thought, it must work, he does this all day long. A couple of stops later and half way home we heard a noise that we knew was not good. We pulled over along side the road to take a look at the damage and well yes, you guessed it.... the thin cotton string had broken leaving the tree hanging half way off the car. After pulling the tree back into position and attempting to mend the thin cotton string we were on the road again. It was not long before the string just gave out and the tree was sliding off the car once again. So there we sat along side the road waiting for the WIZARD to come a rescue us. After waiting about 15 minutes the WIZARD arrived with bungee cords in tow and secured the tree so we could all get home safely. After arriving home and locating the tree stand we proceed to put the tree up.... ha! After many attempts to get the tree straight in the stand we finally decided that we needed the WIZARDS help once again. While waiting for him to come and take a look to see why the tree will not stand straight, the tree fell over. Are we just not meant to have a tree this year? After a careful examination of the tree he determined that a small piece of wood should be wedged in between the tree and the stand to keep it from falling over. After a couple of trips back and forth to the shop to get the exact size of wood, ta~da! the tree was up and it is still standing! Amazing! Thanks WIZARD!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give Away Maddness featuring Nicey Jane and Izzy and Ivy

My friend Ari at BUTTERCUPPITY is having a giveaway, she makes the most adorable handbags and accessories, oh and the cutest little girls dresses!!! You just have to visit her blog to see for yourself!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Davenport Festival of Trees

The other night we went to the Festival of Trees at the Davenport Hotel, it was amazing as usual. We tried our luck at winnnig a tree as we always do, and once again no luck. Some day we will win, I can feel it! We decided that sicne we do not cook the traditional meal on Christmas anymore that this year we would make reservations for Christmas Dinner at the Hotel. I know no turkey at our house right! Well who want's to be in the kitchen all day anyway.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jack the elf

Several years ago an elf named Jack began to visit our home every year around Thanksgiving. This elf is a kind elf who leaves little gifts for a certain little girl who's behavior and charm are exceedingly good.If he sees that she is behaving properly then he will leave her something sparkly, which all girls love! Fluffy socks, a candy cane or nail polish. She must have been exceptionally well behaved last year because he left her a Wii! This certain little girl cannot see or hear Jack,only mom's and grandma's can see him and talk to him. Jack keeps a close eye on her to see if she is behaving well and obeying her parents. He is Santa's secret agent and will pop in and out checking up on this little girl to report his findings back to the Big guy. He always knows when to show up and stands as a reminder to this little girl that she had better behave or else she will end up on the naughty list and coal in her stocking. Even though she is not so little anymore(almost 12) she still asks if I have seen Jack every year around Thanksgiving. I love that she still believes... I think that Jack might make a appearance today!

~Elves are commonly know for the help they give Santa Clause. They go by the names Santa's Little Helpers, Santa's Elves or Christmas Elves

~ Elves appeared in stories before St.Nicholas who is believed to be Santa Clause.
This therefor makes Elves older than Father Christmas.

~Santa Clause has often been referred to as a Jolly old Elf throughout history.

~In Scandinavia a jolly old Elf named Jultomten was said to have delivered gifts in a sleigh drawn by goats.

~Santa's Elves live at the Noth Pole helping him all year round to enable him to deliver gifts to children all around the world.

~In Iceland the Elves are known by the name of Yule lads and the people of Iceland have taken into account the fact that each day starting on the 12th of December an Elf(a different one each day) makes a visit each day until the arrival of 25th December.

~In many parts of France, the helpers are called, Père Fouettard.

~Elves are to make sure that all children are asleep before Santa delivers their presents.