Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Heavenly Sale

Oh my goodness !! We went to Angel's Attic sale over the week end. It was held in a lovely little cottage that was filled with oodles of treasures. These ladies( oh, we can't forget the man of the house, Jon) have been hard at work collecting, creating, and arranging all of these wonderful pieces. Everything was oh so beautiful and charming and wherever my eye landed, I thought, oh, yes, I love that, and oh, look at that, I want to take that home with me. But, Alas, a girl can have only so many pretties. A few objects did make their way home with me, a cute little framed picture of a nest, a small crown, glittered, of course, and Jen and I each bought a necklace made by the ever so sweet Kristen. Mine has a bird wearing a crown and Jen's is a crown. We love them so much, I think we just might sleep with them under our pillow!

While at the sale we ran into the ever so sweet Holly from Funky Junk, take a peek at her blog for some more pictures from the sale.


Sophia's said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for coming to our show on Saturday! I'm glad you found some goodies that you enjoy. I just love anything with a bird or crown on it too!

Linda said...

Your nice words help make all the work and planning worthwhile! Thank you so much for your support at our sale last Saturday.

We'll see you out junking! You two are finding some seriously cute stuff, can we tag along? :)