Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rainy days = creative days

With the weather being anything but sunny the past couple of days that means a lot of time indoors. I just wanted to share with you what Kathy made... By the way her arm is still in a sling from rotator cuff surgery. So with her one good hand she whipped up this adorable framed collage.She used some charming little girls shoes that she rescued from This Old House and sprinkled them with glitter and adorned them with some seam binding and flowers. She even used some cute scrapbook paper to line the shoes. A little piece of lace,a scrap of material, some letter tiles,and ta da look what she created! Kathy will have this for sale at The Farm Chicks Show in June.

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Kelly Ballard said...

What a great way to take advantage of crummy weather. Here in Utah winter just does not want to end and I have a garage full of furniture I need to paint.

Such a sweet little creation!

Second Hand Chicks

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Thanks for becoming a fan of ours too! See you at The Farm Chicks!

Mermaid Debbie