Sunday, February 28, 2010

Music to my ears!

Oh My Goodness,what a find! While I was at a local thrift store over the weekend I came across stacks of vintage sheet music, we are talkin over 160 pieces in all! I won't even begin to tell you the deal I got on it either. You gotta love 50% off days at thrift stores! Most of the music belonged to a women named Ethel Glasgow and is dated anywhere from the early 1920's to the early 1940's. I only posted a few of my favorites, there are so many more charming pictures I could show you. Don't you wonder about the stories behind the music, like was she a music teacher, who were her students or where did she live?

While walking around the store with my newly found ever so charming stack of sheet music, I met a women who was interested in knowing what I was going to be doing with it. After explaining that I make journals and roses with it, she began to tell me that she had her mothers old sheet music from the 20's. Well, to make a long story short, she has decided that it is time for her to let go of it, and she wants me to have it! Wow, I'm a complete stranger and she wants me to have it! I asked about giving it to family members and she said that they would not appreciate it as she thought I would. I am going to make her some of my roses out of her mothers sheet music so she will still have something to remember her by.

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Kelly Ballard said...

Great find. I love the graphics on the old sheet music. I'm certainly drawn to them even though the only thing I know how to play is the radio.

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