Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Heaven and A Sling

I had surgery on my rotator cuff two weeks ago and only six more weeks to wear the doggone sling. Yes, it is necessary, I know that, but sometimes I seriously want to burn it. Just have a big old bonfire, ya know?? Back to reality, I have to wear it all the time,as in day and night, night and day. I have to sleep in it, and sometimes I lay awake in it. Whatever, the sling and I have not yet become one, working on it though. If there is a bright ray of sunshine in all of this it would be that the surgery was on my left shoulder and I am right handed. That definitely is a blessing. I can brush my teeth, do my eye make-up and hair, ALL BY MYSELF, and it even looks halfway okay. The hair thing is kind of difficult, but I am learning. At first, I had my daughters working on me, and they did alright,but you how it is, you have to wait for them when they can do it and I want to do it NOW. So, now I lay the hairdryer on a folded towel, turn it on, get my brush in my good hand, and go to town. Works pretty good.
Another blessing in all of this is my sweet, adorable husband. All I have to say is will you...?, can you...?, or Please go to Madeline's downtown and get me one of those cute little lemon tarts with the scrumptious swiss meringue. And voila! he comes back with not one, but two of the lovely lemon tarts...and both for me he says. Were they ever GOOD!!!


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Sophia's said...

Oh I hope you recover quickly! That doesn't sound like fun at all... I love Madeleine's too. My husband works downtown and I love to go down and meet him with the kids for coffee and a pastry.