Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vintage Goodness

I just finished these three pillows and footstool for a very nice lady. She had bought another footstool that was covered in the same fabric that I had for sale at This Old House. It was a little bit bigger than this one but everything else is the same. I was lucky to have enough fabric to do it all. The fabric I used is a vintage curtain, probably from the 40's. Anyway, I just finished them up today and delivered them to her. The pillows look lovely on her couch, which is about the color of the darker red flower. It's so fun to make something for someone and know that they love it! Thanks, Tami!! Hope you enjoy it.


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Southern Charm said...

Hi Girls!
Hey, a reader found her way to me via your blog (thank you!) and she is a fellow cajun from Louisiana.
I just love how we are all so connected...
LOVE your pillows!!
xxooshari @ southern charm