Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She spends hours in the sewing room

I find inspiration in my cozy sewing room among the ribbons, lace, and fabric that is stashed everywhere. I love to be there creating something new and wonderful. I learned to sew from my mother, who was an excellent seamstress. When I was around five or six years old I begged and pleaded with my mother to let me use the sewing machine. After awhile, she gave in to this relentless child and gave me a small piece of fabric and showed me what to do and not do. Hold on to the fabric to guide it and KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE NEEDLE!!! Away I went, sewing machine whirring (very slowly) back and forth and around on my little piece of fabric. I was hooked, never to look back, forever and always in the land of patterns, needles, threads(oh, the colors!!) and don't forget the fabric....and more just never know when you can put that beautiful piece of fabric to use. Thank you Mama for teaching me to sew.



Jessica Stier said...

I love this! I can so (sew) relate.

Kelly Ballard said...

What sweet memories with your mother. My memories of learning to sew are not so pleasant. I had the most persnickety and demanding Home Ec teacher. I remember being tested: we had 60 seconds to thread the needle and bobbin. It was so stressful and horrifying!

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