Thursday, February 25, 2010

A girl and her dolls

I got my first Madame Alexander doll from my Nana when I was about a year old. My cousin Billy named her baby Jennie. Yes, I was called Jennie when I was little. I got my second Madame Alexander doll from my Nana for Christmas when I was about 3 years old. She came from the collection of Pussycat Baby Dolls, so I named her accordingly, Pussycat. As a little girl I can remember shopping at Lichtenstein's in Texas with my Nana and Mom, and seeing all the dolls in the glass cases. There were so many of them to look at and all so pretty. I had a buggy that I used to take my dolls for a ride in. I loved my buggy! It was white wicker with lace trim and had room for all of my other dolls who were all named Cindy. Of all of my dolls from my childhood, baby Jennie and Pussycat were my most favorite, some day I will pass them on to my daughter.

This is Pussycat. She is from the Pussycat Baby Doll collection and is marked 1965.

Baby Jennie has been well loved, as you can tell from the picture. I used to carry her around by her hair. She is a Baby McGuffey marked 1961. I don't know much about her though.


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Ariadne said...

Okay, just one of a zillion reasons that we must be friends. I STILL HAVE my Little Miss Huggums from childhood (name SonnyBoy, although she is a girl??), and I recently purchased ohhhhh, maybe 10 more on ebay. Love love love Madame Alexander.