Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Friday finds

Wow!!!! What a day! Yes Timi, the Junk Gods were with us today. It's funny how some days are just like that. You can go to twenty sales in one day and find oodles and oodles of stuff and other times you can go to one hundred and twenty(well, maybe not quite that many, but you know what I mean) and find absolutely NOTHING. At one sale, Jen spied a Madame Alexander doll halfway across the yard and made a beeline for it. It is like one she had when she was little, only hers has blond hair.

See this black tulle, rick racky, rose topped thing?? This is what modern ladies of the 50's and 60's wore on their head to look a bit stylish when they hand those horribly ugly rollers in their hair. Yep, you betcha, that did the trick. No one would ever guess that you were waiting for your hair to dry.

Oh, my gosh! Do I need more fabric? Well, certainly, especially when it's adorable polka dots and yummy paisleys and everything else in between. I just might have to move my sewing machine to the front porch to make room for MORE fabric! Oh well, such is life!

This is a Pottery Barn Kids wicker basket on wheels...but as you can guess this liner will go bye-bye and some of that fun fabric will be put to use to make a new one.

I have to tell ya'll, I learned to get my seat belt undone(remember my left arm is in a sling?) all by myself today!! I'm a big girl now. No really, when a yard sale is within my sight I have to prepare to roll out of the car. I can't let Jen get all of the good stuff.

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kristina said...

such fun finds! wish i could go finding with you guys, looks like so much fun!!