Monday, January 10, 2011

A Flea Kind of Week End

The way I see it, since Christmas is over, the new year has begun, the snow needs to just go away NOW. The weather has been so nasty at times, we just don't want to go anywhere unless we really need something. Well, when we heard the flea market was going on, we said, " Yeah, we really need something." Who could resist this old doll head? Jennifer's daughter thinks it's CREEPY, but what does she know??? I think she is adorable and will be more so after she gets her crown(which she has totally earned).
The round tin is from Swan's Down Flour company. My sister 's first job was At Swans Down in Fort Worth, Texas where she filled grocery orders. I love this tin! I plan on using it in my craft room to hold cute stuff, of course.

In 1957 you could get one full year (6 issues) of Figure & Beauty magazine for 2$. Wowie Zowie, sign me up,because I want to learn about those "brilliant and revolutionary techniques for acquiring allure...glamour...charm."

My weights will now be known as....Glamor-Bells, thanks to Figure & Beauty magazine. But, I won't be caught dead using my Glamor-Bells in my swimsuit and heels. No, I don't think so. Did you know Glamor-Bells can glamorize your legs??? How does that work when you use them with your arms? Maybe, in 1957 it was different. Anyway, Glamor-Bells are an investment in charm and beauty AND since they are finished in Venus Pink Enamel, they are an ornament to your room. What more could a girl want!??

We also found an assortment of vintage cards, report cards, maps, and whatever that thing is from the Lloyd Dress Company. You can never have too much whatever.
Here's to hoping spring is just around the corner...AFTER this next storm that is headed our way.
Meanwhile, we shall be in our craft rooms doing what we do with our....whatever.

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Kelly & Monte Tareski said...

You both always do wonderful things with your whatevers...