Monday, May 10, 2010

Week End Fun!

On Saturday we went to the Garden Expo at Spokane Community College. We had never been and we thought we should check it out because so many people have told us how wonderful it is. Well, it was just that and more and it was HUGE! We had no idea it was that big of a show. It is all related to gardening, of course, but we found a few pieces of shabby furniture thrown in for good measure. The picture below is from a vendor known only as Liz and Mom, they didn't have a business name, but they had some really cute stuff.


A mother and daughter team known as For-Get-Me-Not had a lovely space set up at the show. They used adorable containers such as a vintage trash can, a breadbox and cute tins to put plants in. Oh, it was all so sweet and yummy!

On Mother's Day we went to Manito Park for a picnic and this is what we found. Mama duck and six babies, there's nothing sweeter than a mama and her babies. I could have watched them all day. My granddaughter gave them small pieces of bread and pretty soon the catfish were there taking it all. Yes, I know the catfish were eating the that funny or what!

Speaking of baby our family these little round punch-outs are known as baby ducks. It all started when my oldest daughter, Jennifer, was about two. We were in the grocery store one day and she was looking at the toys. They were toys that were all in packages and hanging, so a lot of the little round punch-outs were on the bottom shelf where these toys were hanging. A little while later when we had moved on to another aisle, Jennifer showed me what was in her hand. She proudly told me it was baby ducks. Well, you would probably think this would be the end of the story, but NO! She continued to collect baby ducks everywhere we went...for a long time. Her Nana gave her a small plastic box with a lid so she could properly care for and keep her ducks. Jennifer would take this little box to bed with her, along with her beloved blanket, and I'm sure have sweet dreams of baby ducks. I asked many times why these little things were baby ducks to her, but it just didn't make it out in translation, so we will never know. All I know for sure is that the little round punch-outs will forever in my mind be baby ducks.

I hope all you mothers out there had a happy Mother's Day!!


Sophia's said...

I'm so glad you made it down to the garden expo! I just love that show and was wishing I could have been a vendor again this year, but there's always next year. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend.

That Boutiques Bloom show looks fun. I've never heard of that one. Is it new?

Kathryn said...

Hi! Sorry for my late visit, I just found the comment you left on my site. I have a Washington connection also, lived in Bremerton and Lakeview when my dad was in the Navy. When he retired we moved back to Texas. It is beautiful in WA but, well, it's not TX. Love your site and the baby duck story was adorable! I look forward to your post after your antique show. Wish I could go to it! Thanks!