Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Journey to Farm Chicks...

 This was our booth at The Farm Chicks show this year. We always have so much fun when we do this show, it is kind of like a really BIG family reunion only Farm Chicks style. We get to visit with friends, some of who we see only once a year. Our customers were more than awesome, they were so patient waiting in line, while I know they were thinking "oh, there's so much more to see and here I am waiting and waiting in line." We are so grateful we have the opportunity to do Farm Chicks, and that takes me back to how it all began. Once upon a time, Jen and I used to do, oh, I can't say it, it's so hard to get it out....craft shows. Really. That was how we got started. We had been going to yard sales for years and had STUFF. A friend suggested we do the Shadle craft fair, which we did and were amazed at how much we sold. At one point in doing that show I left to go to the restroom, when I returned about fifteen minutes later, I could not get in our booth to help Jen, it was packed with women. We had so many people ask if we had a shop and if we had a card, as in business card. Seriously??? Someone wants our card? But of course, we had no cards, silly girls, we hardly knew what we were doing. By the end of the show we were hooked, we realized we could do this, make a little money, be creative, and have lots of fun. Soon we went in search of other shows to do. We continued to do the Shadle show for several years in a row, we did the Mt Spokane craft fair and we actually did one real antique show which was put on by Jennifer Henry and was held at the Bigelow Gulch Grange. One year, while doing our second Mt Spokane craft fair, Jen and I were sitting there trying to keep ourselves entertained and awake, when a lady came into our booth. We didn't know who she was, but she had on a cute coat. She looked around a bit, taking it all in and finally decided on a couple of things to buy. While she was paying she ask if we were interested in doing any other shows, of course we said "YES".
Well, then she laid her card on the table and I couldn't believe my eyes, by golly it was a Farm Chicks card and the lady in the cute coat was Serena Thompson!!!! Oh, my heart be still, we were being asked to do The Farm Chicks Show. We had heard and read about The Farm Chicks, but we had never been to a show, much less ever even thought about doing the show. All we had ever done was the lowly craft fairs and one REAL antique show, we never thought we could make into The Farm Chicks. We will be forever grateful to Serena for asking us to be in the show, she saved us. Every year when we first drive up to the fairgrounds and see The Farm Chicks Show banner we cry, honestly we do. We feel so very blessed to be a part of The Farm Chicks Show. Thank you Serena.


The Little Red Shop said...

What a wonderfully sweet story! It's always fun to see you and your wonderful booth at The Farm Chicks Show!

: )

Julie M.

Kristin said...

So fun to read about how you girls got your start. :) Your booth was DARLING!!

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

We loved your booth and it is always fun seeing you and visiting with you at the vintage shows. I love your story, so sweet!
We'll see you this summer, out & about junking I'm sure :)


Glad & Cel

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Yours was my favorite booth! It was fun to hear your "start". ♥