Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Silly Girls Do

I wear reading glasses and I have at least one pair in every room of the house, but sometimes I think they party when I'm not looking because they end up in rooms where they are not supposed to be. I think maybe I should attach a stretchy cord to each pair so that when I start to walk out of the room the glasses would be snatched out of my hand or right off my face. Hmmmm, might hurt the first few times, but after that maybe I would remember to put the glasses down, kinda like Pavlov's dog and the bell. Anyway, I'm sure you get the message. The glasses above quickly became my favorite after I bought them in Texas last year at Canton, the HUGE flea market southeast of Dallas. I bought two pair, the pink ones and the other a sweet periwinkle (such a wonderful name for a color) blue. I immediately started wearing the periwinkle blue ones. I loved those glasses, they just made me happy.

A few days later after Canton, we stayed in Brenham which is close to Round Top. Everyone knows about Round Top, right?? A REALLY BIG ANTIQUE SHOW takes place twice a year. Ok, the glasses, the periwinkle blue ones, you can't see them in the picture, but they are laying on the ground by the car. When I got out of the car to take a picture of the local Piggly Wiggly sign I heard them fall on the ground and thought, oh, I'll get them in a minute, just a quick picture. BUT, I was in such a hurry, for whatever reason I don't remember now, I forgot all about those sweet periwinkle blue glasses. There they lay, in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly in Brenham, Texas, never to be seen again. Of course, I still had the cute pink ones, so I wore those until one fine day I lost that pair, too. They had fallen into a bin while we were at This Old House removing the old stuff and putting out new. I thought that was what had happened to them, but I looked and looked and never could find them. I thought they were lost forever. Anyway, about six months later while going through one of the bins, I opened one up and right there on top were the cute pink glasses. The moral of the story is don't let yourself get so excited when you see a Piggly Wiggly sign that you forget to pick up your glasses. Silly girl.


Kristin said...

I'm a big fan of the Piggly Wiggly too!! :) I am loving all the recipes you are posting!! I cannot wait to try the Pea Salad one. I have a sad and unhealthy addiction to Aloha Hawaiian Grill and it's all about that pea salad. :)

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

I'm with you...glasses in every room, usually it's my gloves I drop when I get out of the car, but I'm sure I've lost glasses as well. Such a cute story, and LOVE the Piggly Wiggly Sign. Sorry you lost your glasses :(
See you girls soon.
xox Glad

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