Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hoarders With a Cause

At last, we just crawled out from under this mess we have been collecting all winter.  It has been way too long since we last posted on our blog. We made some changes to our blog and yeah it took a while longer than we thought it would, but such is life. Now, we are ready to get started on getting creative with some of this stuff. We have two shows in April, Funky Junk Antique Show and Romance Your Home. Then, of course, is The Farm Chicks Show in June, and this year we have a DOUBLE space. YIKES!!!!!! What am I doing sitting here typing on the computer!
Do you see that cute little three-drawer chest there on the right??? Well, recently The Wizard and I went to Utah to see sweet little Jackson, our grandson, and his Mommy and Daddy. It was imperative that we stop at every thrift store we could find along the way. You know how it is, the magnetic pull of the junk floating around in the atmosphere is nearly impossible to resist. That's the way it was when I saw this chest, it screamed at me, Hey, Lady, over here!!!! Aren't I something???! I was smitten, this chest was going home with me, but when I showed it to The Wizard he didn't quite see it as I did. You see, our car was full, packed to the top, almost. I knew there had to be a way to get this beauty in our car. I don't give up easily, The Wizard should know that by now. We measured, we talked, we measured again, we made several trips out to the car in the rain, back inside we looked at it awhile and talked some more. We had several things that we thought might fit in the bottom portion of the chest, but then we realized the shelf inside the bottom portion did NOT come out like we thought it would. Nope, it was nailed to the sides. So, we ask for a hammer(we had already told the lady we would buy it). The Wizard pounded lightly on the bottom of the shelf, but NOTHING HAPPENED, the shelf did not move. The Wizards next move was an act of brilliance, I love what this man will do for me! He said, I can step on the shelf. I thought about that and finally gave it my ok, only with reassurance from The Wizard that it would not tear up the sides too much. He did it, the shelf broke in half, he removed the nails and the other half of the shelf, all right there in Savers, all for ME! He is my Hero!


 What you see here is only a small part of what fills our two car garage. Cars have not been seen in here for several years now, and no I'm not saying that we have cars buried under this junk and we can't find them, it's just that cars won't even begin to fit in here. Although, it would be lovely to someday walk out to the garage and get in my car without scraping the snow and ice off my windows. In my dreams, I guess.

This is the loft in The Wizards shop(we let him think it is his space)
I'm sure when people drive by and see what we have in our garage and not knowing what we do, must think we are hoarders, just like on that TV show. It's what we do, it's what we LOVE, we find it and share it with the junking world.

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Clara said...

Looking forward to visiting your booth.
Clara from Redeemed Junk & Stuff