Friday, November 12, 2010

Snow Babies

The snow babies have arrived! I finished these up late last night so I could take them to
This Old House today, where they now reside. When I went into my sewing room this morning they each greeted me with a big, happy smile. I had a nice talk with them and told them where I was taking them and they would be okay. I have so much fun making these snow babies. I put so much time and thought into them wanting each to be an individual and have a personality of their own. They become a part of me and I almost hate to let them go, but I know someone will adopt them and give them a good home. I have more heads sitting on my table waiting for a body and of course a little glitter thrown in. So, more snow babies will be born shortly and they will be making an appearance at the Two Women Christmas show, which is December 4th and 5th at the Moran Prairie Grange. The snow babies would love to see you there!!

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Jennifer said...

Love these...I adopted one and he is living happily ever at the Soap shop. They are so cute! I was inspired to make a few out of vintage domino's and old tin Jello molds.