Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh! Deer!!!!

I love to go to thrift stores, yard sales, dumpster diving, driving around to see what people have put out for FREE, I just love me a good deal. When my kids were young they always went with me and they always found good stuff. It was like Christmas every week end for them. When my youngest daughter(from here on she will be known as Snickerdoodle, tee hee!) reached her teens, she began to fuss and WHINE and kick and scream about going to yard sales, but thrift stores were the absolute worst. Even though deep down inside young Snickerdoodle knew in her heart of hearts that treasures were to be found beyond the doors with the sign overhead that read Thrift Store, she would nearly always stay in the boring! Now that Snickerdoodle is a young woman, she feels the pull of those wonderful little objects of desire that lurk in thrift stores. YES! I say, it has finally happened! My baby girl walked into a thrift store all by herself. Oh, Snickerdoodle, Mom's so proud of you. But wait...what's that you say? You bought WHAT! Okay, I know how it is, sometimes those odd little things just call out to you. It's like a child you didn't know you had but just now found her and HAVE to take her home.

Well, I guess that's what it was like for Snickerdoodle when she saw this deer head. I don't understand it, but I guess since she got her foot in the door it's okay. It is actually an Italian wine decanter. We looked it up on Ebay and found some similar ones, kind of pricey little things. Keep it up never know what you're going to find!

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sashaelena said...

hahaha awww this is cute. and I like my deer head... it will look great in my own house one day. Its better than a real one though, right!?