Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adorable vintage pattern book

Last weekend we went to the Two Women Art and Antique show just outside of Spokane. I forgot my camera, so no pictures sorry, but we had to share the vintage pattern book we found there. This adorable McCalls pattern book is from 1944 and the pictures are absolutely charming!


Jennifer Ferrero said...

I love the vintage images - the beautiful dresses and the formality of life back then. I wear dresses often in to bring a little style to my corner of the world.

Jessica Stier said...

I think I have this same pattern book. I'm not sure what year it is from, but I know it is from the 40's and I recognize some of these drawings like the pirate costume. Isn't it so much fun to look through? I love it! I find it really inspiring.

It was my grandma's and then my mom's and as I was growing up I would always look in it before I sewed anything to get ideas. When I was in 5th grade I wanted my hair cut short and I took one of the hair styles from that book. I'm glad that my mom passed it onto me.